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My best work yet?

I’ve been asked many times over the years, “What’s your best work?” It’s a common question asked of creatives at every level. The standard response is to point to a few things you are really proud of, and then proclaim you actually haven’t done it yet. You will talk of going to your grave pursuing the next, greatest concept or campaign because you love what you do. I am no different.

However, I want to acknowledge a recent project I feel is definitely one of my finer achievements. It’s our employee handbook.

After 20+ years of working for other folks, I finally got my hands on the prestigious assignment of defining how an organization will treat its people. I have to admit, I was a little nervous. The feeling wasn’t that much different from presenting a body of work to a client. Is it enough? Will they be happy? Am I doing the very best I can?

Despite my nervousness, I approached it with the same passion I do every brief. I spent time thinking about the good and the bad of every organization I had been part of. I researched. I consulted with others. I wrote and revised.

Our overarching approach was to define a culture, policies, and process that would treat people like adults who live in a technologically driven world. We would give them modern policies, processes, options, and hold them accountable for respecting the flexibility they provide. We will expect their very best, and strive to always consider the whole person in our endeavors.

Essentially, we will manage under the assumption that people are going to be good humans, and address those who choose otherwise on an individual basis, not the reverse. Trust. Respect. We will provide a safe work environment, equal pay, and welcome all the diversity we can find. That is all.
I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it is a dream come true. It is KWhandbook_V1, and I look forward to improving on it, greatly.


Unlimited vacation, powder days, closed between Christmas and New Year’s, flexible hours and work from home, 35-hour work week, a combination of paid and unpaid maternity AND paternity leave, maternity/paternity flexible return to work, 401K with contribution, percentage of net revenue on new business, BYOE time (be your own entrepreneur), equity/partner track, continuing education, medical, vision, dental, paid public transit pass.

In addition?

Downtown Denver location just blocks from the train station, rooftop deck, pool, tennis court – and of course – FREE SNACKS.

Thanks to my partners in crafting V1, Sam and Sarah. And thanks to Keith from Wurk, our partner in all things HR and payroll, for giving us great advice on how to construct the very best offering we could. Look out for our job postings, and come help us with V2.

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